Entrepreneurial Presidential Term Limits

For more A Entrepreneurial Presidential Term Limits Dates Schedule,

 NameTermState of
BornDiedAge at
Age at
1.George Washington1789–1797  Va.2/22/173212/14/17995767Click
2.John Adams1797–1801Mass.10/30/173507/4/18266190Click 
3.Thomas Jefferson1801–1809Va.4/13/174307/4/18265783Click 
4.James Madison1809–1817Va.3/16/175106/28/18365785Click 
5.James Monroe1817–1825Va.4/28/175807/4/18315873Click 
6.John Quincy. Adams1825–1829Mass.7/11/176702/23/18485780Click 
7.Andrew Jackson1829–1837SC3/15/176706/8/18456178Click 
8.Martin Van Buren1837–1841NY12/5/178207/24/18625479Click 
9.William Harrison1841-1841Va.2/9/177304/4/18416868Click 
10.John Tyler1841–1845Va.3/29/179001/18/18625171Click 
11.James Polk1845–1849NC11/2/179506/15/18494953Click 
12.Zachary Taylor1849–1850Va.11/24/178407/9/18506465Click 
13.Millard Fillmore1850–1853NY1/7/180003/8/18745074Click 
14.Franklin Pierce1853–1857N.H.11/23/180410/8/18694864Click 
15.James Buchanan1857–1861Pa.4/23/179106/1/18686577Click 
16.Abraham Lincoln1861–1865Ky.2/12/180904/15/18655256Click 
17.Andrew Johnson1865–1869N.C.12/29/180807/31/18755666Click 
18.Ulysses S. Grant1869–1877Ohio4/27/182207/23/18854663Click 
19.Rutherford B. Hayes1877–1881Ohio10/4/182201/17/18935470Click
20.James Garfield1881-1881Ohio11/19/183109/19/18814949Click 
21.Chester A. Arthur1881–1885Vt.10/5/182911/18/18865056Click 
22.Grover Cleveland1885–1889NJ3/18/183706/24/19084771Click 
23.Benjamin Harrison1889–1893Ohio8/20/183303/13/19015567Click 
24.Grover Cleveland1893–1897NJ3/18/183706/24/19085571Click 
25.Wiliam McKinley1897–1901Ohio1/29/184309/14/19015458Click 
26.Theodore Roosevelt1901–1909N.Y.10/27/185801/6/19194260Click 
27.William Taft1909–1913Ohio9/15/185703/8/19305172Click 
28.Woodrow Wilson1913–1921Va.12/28/185602/3/19245667Click 
29.Warren Harding1921–1923Ohio11/2/186508/2/19235557Click 
30.Calvin Coolidge1923–1929Vt.7/4/187201/5/19335160Click 
31.Herbert Hoover1929–1933Iowa8/10/187410/20/19645490Click
32.Franklin Roosevelt1933–1945NY1/30/188204/12/19455163Click 
33.Harry Truman1945–1953Mo.5/8/188412/26/19726088Click 
34.Dwight Eisenhower1953–1961Tex.10/14/189003/28/19696278Click 
35.John F. Kennedy1961–1963Mass.5/29/191711/22/19634346Click 
36.Lyndon Johnson1963–1969Tex.8/27/190801/22/19735564Click 
37.Richard Nixon1969–1974Calif.1/9/191304/22/19945681Click 
38.Gerald Ford1974–1977Neb.7/14/191312/26/20066193Click 
39.Jimmy Carter1977–1981Ga.10/1/192452Click 
40.Ronald Reagan1981–1989Ill.2/6/191106/05/20046993Click 
41.George Bush1989–1993Mass.6/12/192464Click 
42.William Clinton1993– 2001Ark.8/19/194646Click
43.George W. Bush2001–2009Conn.7/6/4654Click 
44Barack Obama2009-2017HI 8/4/1961  47 Click 
45Donald Trump2017-NY6/14/1946 70 Click

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How much does the earn a president? Entrepreneurial Presidential Term Limits

Directory list of how much president earned in salary from George Washington-Donald Trump

A Entrepreneurial Presidential Term Limits & Vice Presidential Salaries:

Year EstablishedPresidentVice President
$50,000 non-taxable expense account
$10,000 non-taxable expense account
$50,000 non-taxable expense account
$10,000 non-taxable expense account
$50,000 taxable expense account
$10,000 taxable expense account
$50,000 taxable expense account
$10,000 taxable expense account
$50,000 taxable expense account
$10,000 taxable expense account
$50,000 non-taxable expense account
$10,000 taxable expense account
$50,000 non-taxable expense account
$10,000 taxable expense account

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A Entrepreneurial Presidential Term Limits Libraries

List of presidential libraries spanning every U.S. Entrepreneurial presidential term Limits :

Directory of Presidential libraries honoring the Presidents of the United States.

Each library includes a wealth of photographs, information, memorabilia and statistics.

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Campaign Slogans of A Entrepreneurial Presidential Term Limits

How vital square measure campaign slogans in Presidential elections?

Take a glance at this list of fashionable presidential campaign slogans and you may little question be astonished at what number candidates with the strongest.

Most memorabila campaign slogans won their elections. we’ve got conjointly enclosed a couple of slogans. Entrepreneurial Presidential Term Limits.

Whereas not formally campaign slogans, became synonom is with us President – like Harry Truman’s The Buck Stops Here.

These slogans were usually found on campaign buttons, posters and bumper stickers and within the a lot of epoch in radio and tv commercials. Entrepreneurial Presidential Term Limits.

At Lori Edna Ferber Collectibles we have several original campaign buttons, posters and bumper stickers purchasable that promote a candidates campaign slogans.

  A Chicken In Every PotHerbert Hoover1928
  A Choice for a ChangeBarry Goldwater1964
  A Choice not an EchoBarry Goldwater1964
  A Christian in the White HouseHerbert Hoover1928
  A Full Dinner PailWilliam McKinley1900
  A Square DealTheodore Roosevelt1904
  A Time For GreatnessJohn F. Kennedy1960
  A Winning TeamHumphrey Muskie1968
  All The Way With LBJLyndon Johnson1964
  America Needs A ChangeBarry Goldwater1964
  Are you better off than you were four years ago?Ronald Reagan1980
  Believe In AmericaMitt Romney2012
  Building A Bridge To The 21st CenturyBill Clinton1996
  Change We Can Believe InBarack Obama2008
  Click With DIckRichard Nixon1968
  Come Home AmericaGeorge McGovern1972
  Country FirstJohn McCain2008
  Don’t stop thinking about tomorrowBill Clinton1992
  Don’t Swap Horses in the Middle of the StreamAbraham Lincoln 1864
  Experience CountsGerald Ford1976
  Free SilverWilliam J Bryan1900
  Gritz & FritzJimmy Carter1976
  Happy Days Are Here AgainFranklin Roosevelt1932
  He Kept Us Out of WarWoodrow Wilson1916
  He’s Making Us Proud Again Gerald Ford1976
  Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Speech, Free MenJohn Fremont1856


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