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Nashville Entrepreneur Week 2019 !

Nashville Entrepreneur Center

The state capital enterpriser Center

The state capital enterpriser Center (EC) could be a non-profit 501(c)3 based in 2010 as AN initiative of the state capital community with a vision to become the most effective place in America for entrepreneurship.

The EC’s mission is to attach entrepreneurs with the crucial resources to form, launch and grow businesses.

The EEC community includes over 650 alumni and over 450 members.

The Center’s adviser program connects entrepreneurs to over 280 mentors, specialists and business leaders.

Core programming includes community events, enterpriser education and school centered industry-immersion programs in care (Project Healthcare) and music (Project Music).

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Finding assistance is laborious. Finding the proper assistance is more durable.

In state capital alone, there ar over 250 resources for startups. With numerous choices,

however are you supposed to apprehend that is that the best resource for you and your business? excellent news, though!

At the state capital enterpriser Center, we tend to connect you with the most effective resources to form, launch, and grow your business.

And for the past eight years, we’ve been operating side-by-side with town of state capital to try to to simply that.

Our Navigation program helps you save time and find connected to the proper resource for your business.

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